Golfers’ perspectives on injury prevention: a qualitative study on factors influencing successful implementation.

Saskia Gladdinesa*, Robert-Jan de Vosa, Denise Eygendaala, Evert Verhagenb
aErasmus MC, Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine bAmsterdam UMC

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In the current qualitative study we are studying the perspective of the golfers. 
We are asking the golfers about their experiences with a previously developed injury prevention program. Below a short overview and more information about the developed injury prevention program. 

While there was no injury prevention program yet in golf, we developed the first injury prevention program. For more information about our developed injury prevention program. See our study protocol: The effectiveness of a golf injury prevention program (GRIPP intervention) compared to the usual warm-up in Dutch golfers: protocol design of a randomized controlled trial 

For more information about the correct performance of the injury prevention program. 
See our fidelity study: How to optimise the fidelity of exercises in an unsupervised golf injury prevention programme? A pilot study

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In this section is some additional information about the results available.

Three unique themes were extracted based on the interview guideline:

  1. Warm-up in general
  2. The experiences with the Golf Injury Prevention Program (GRIPP)
  3. The golfers’ opinions on how to implement our injury prevention program in a recreational golf setting.

Theme 1: Warm-up in general

Topic: Various reasons to do a warm-up 

Subcode Prevention
QuoteGolfer 2: “The most important thing for me is preventing injuries and pain complaints.”
Subcode Preparing:
QuoteGolfer 1: “Getting some movement before you can use your body as optimally as possible is my experience.”

Theme 2: The experiences with the Golf Injury Prevention Program (GRIPP)

Topic: Environment

Subcode Social interaction:
Quote Golfer 10: “There were, of course, people who wondered what those ladies were doing, waving those clubs around. So, we did explain it to them.”

Topic: Experience

Subcode Experience
QuoteGolfer 8: “The experience I have is that it helps to be warmed up for the first holes already.”
QuoteGolfer 3: “The accessibility of that program”.
Quote Golfer 1: “I watched the instructional video, and I put that card in my bag, and it’s still in my bag, but I don’t need it anymore because I know the exercises by heart now.”


Theme 3: The golfers’ opinions on how to implement our injury prevention program in a recreational golf setting. 

Topic: Implementation

SubcodeExternal information channel
QuoteGolfer 8: “ seems to be another one, and as golfers, we often use it to enter our scores and receive e-mails from there.”
Subcode Internal information channel
QuoteGolfer 10: “But of course, you want to reach the entire target audience, all the members. In that case, you just need to approach the board, use the website, or ask for attention in the newsletter. We have a monthly newsletter at the club, for example.”

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